Our Brand Story

Hey GG Family, 


The journey to creating a platform that gives quality, fashionable clothes to kids was really personal for my daughter and me. In the beginning, I started this business for my daughter, who wanted to sell homemade, organic, lip gloss (hence the name Glory Gloss); however, in the process of testing out the ingredients, we decided to add clothing into the mix. As a mom, I was already on a personal mission to find clothes that were high quality, cute, and age-appropriate for my daughter. With her taller, fuller build, finding clothes for my daughter became a frustrating task- and I wanted it to be a fun, creative experience for her to establish her own style. Glory Gloss became a way for us to connect and give her the joy every girl should experience when getting dressed up! 


I researched, went back and forth with manufacturers, and distributors, experimented with sizes, and questioned my niche several times. My stress level and ability to manage everything became enough for me to quit my brand altogether, but with my daughter in mind, I knew I had to keep pushing to create a brand that my daughter could be proud of. I placed a lot of energy behind bringing you a boutique you can love, and I’m committed to giving you a quality experience that you and your mini-fashionista can be proud of! 


Whether you’re the rich auntie ready to play dress up, the grandma who loves to spoil her grand-baby, or the fashionable mom who loves a mommy and-me combo, you can count on me to bring you cute, quality, stylish outfits for your little fashionista. 


Don’t forget to keep playing dress up.


LaToya + Desera


“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never ends.”

-Kate spade